To simplify the Remote Support process we recommend that you print these instructions prior to the start of the session. Click the link below to automatically print these instructions.

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PC Answers Remote Support Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Call the PC Answers Service Center at 720-283-3797 to schedule a Remote Support Session.

  2. If you have not used PC Answers service before our office will get basic customer information including the credit card number that you wish to use to pay for the Remote Support session.

  3. At the scheduled time your Technician will call you to begin the session.

  4. To begin the session please click on the button below:

    Remote Support Login 

  1. Your PC Answers Technician will give you a 9-digit support key. When you arrive at the GoToAssist Express page, enter your name and that 9-digit key into the Connect For Support screen.

    Click Connect Now.

Remote_Support_ Step_5

  1. After you click on the Connect Now button, the Support Session may begin immediately if we have previously worked on your system remotely (if it does, skip to Step 8)

    If it does not immediately connect, follow the instructions on the Starting Support Session... screen, and click on the Manually download the software link.

Remote_Support_ Step_6

  1. Click on the Download Software button.

Remote_Support_ Step_7

  1. After you click the Download Software button, Internet Explorer will give you a File Download - Security Warning window. When given the options to Run, Save, or Cancel, click Run.

Remote_Support_ Step_8

  1. Another Security Warning may appear. Click Run.

Remote_Support_ Step_9

  1. After you click Run, the Installing - GoToAssist Express screen will appear.

Remote_Support_ Step_10

  1. After the software installs you will see a  Share Your Screen window, click Yes.

Remote_Support_ Step_11

  1. At the bottom of your screen, the GoToAssist Express control panel will appear, and your PC Answers Remote Support Technician will be navigating your screen. Within GoToAssist, you can open a chat discussion by clicking on the chat icon, and there's also the option to transfer files to the technician, and the technician will be able to transfer files to you.

Remote_Support_ Step_12

  1. When you're finished with the session, just click on the X in the upper right corner of the GoToAssist Express control panel.

  1. In the Confirm Exit window, click Yes to exit the session.

Remote_Support_ Step_14

GoToAssist is a registered trademark of Citrix Online, LLC.

At the end of the service call we will confirm the total time involved and the total that will be billed to your credit card. NO SURPRISES!