Home Theater Personal Computers (HTPCs)

One of the HTPC cases we offerHome Theater computers allow you to surf the web, check emails, access streaming video from the internet, act as a Tivo unit (enabling you to pause, record, etc. live TV), and much more.

We make it easy for you.  By listening to your needs we can tailor the computer to do what you want it to do.  We don't hard sell.  No one is on commission.  We simply want you to have exactly what you're looking for.  We guarantee the parts from manufacturer's defects and shop errors for a year.

We offer a variety of cases for each system.  Pick the one that looks the best in your living room.  From a retro wooden case that would fit right in with the 1930's to cases that perfectly match your current home theater components.

Rack System Home Theater PC Silver Rack System Home Theater PC Black

Enjoy your own entertainment

Instead of having family and friends crowd around a cramped computer monitor, invite them to experience pictures and home videos on the best screen in the home: your television.

Access your entire digital music library from the TV too. Browse to find just the right music to fit your mood and you’re ready to go.

Share the memories

Free the pictures and home videos from your desktop PC by loading them on your HTPC to share them on your TV. Insert a memory card from your camera and run a slide show for all of your friends.

  • Use a Windows Media Center remote control to easily access your PC’s complete photo and video library on your TV screen.

  • Show off photos and home videos in rich, vivid detail.

  • Find what you want quickly and easily, searching by folder, the date a photo was taken, or tags that you create.

  • Show off your creativity by designing professional-looking slide shows with ease. Set them to your favorite music to set the mood.

Add the soundtrack

Get more from your music with Windows Media Center on your TV.

  • Easily browse music by album cover art, artist, title, or year.

  • Create and listen to custom playlists.

  • Tune in to your favorite FM or Internet radio stations.

  • Add music to photo slide shows.

Internet from your couch

Surf the web.  Check emails.  Video online videos on Youtube, Hulu, Fox, ABC, Netflix, and others.

Get an optional keyboard and mouse to complete the experience.

Enhanced Video Playback

Pause, record, rewind, replay, and have a field day with live TV programming when you add an optional video capture card.

Add an optional Blu-Ray player so you can watch Blu-Ray media without buying a dedicated Blu-Ray player.

It's a Computer too!

Access all of your iTunes library easily in your living room.

If you desire, you can edit documents just like on any other computer.