Computer Services

We are a full-featured computer repair shop with mobile/remote support.  You can bring a computer to our shop in Littleton or we can send one of our mobile technicians to your house/office.  Call us at (303) 548-1414 to schedule an appointment for the mobile support or just stop by our shop.

We're honest; if it looks like your computer is on it's last legs we will notify you.  There's no point in sinking money into a system that won't last.  However, sometimes computers just need a single new component and it will be like new again.  Sometimes we just need to remove a virus and your system will act exactly as it used to.  We'll help you assess the reliability of your computer so you can make an informed decision.

We have a variety of computers in stock.  We have both refurbished and new systems available. If we don't have something you like just let us know.  We can customize and order it for you!  We are a Dell Direct Partner.  That's because we wanted the best quality for our customers at a reasonable price.  If you are looking for a system, even if it's not through us, and have questions don't hesitate to call.


Free System Analysis

Not sure what the problem is?  That's ok.  PC Answers can do a free system analysis.  We'll let you know how much it's going to cost before we do any work.  Just bring it to our shop in Littleton.

Virus Removal

Virus Attack!Viruses can steal credit card, bank, and personal information.  They are heavily linked to identity theft and can make your computer unusable.  Fortunately, virus removal is our specialty.  We'll do a free tune-up (when we perform virus removal in the shop) to further secure your computer from future infections.

System Tune-up

Over the years, extra programs begin fighting for attention.  The system will prioritize these extra programs even if it shouldn't.  We can go through your system and remove unneeded programs.  We can prevent programs from unnecessarily starting up with your computer, which wastes its resources.  This process often speeds up how fast your computer runs.  it can reduce the load on your system components which extends its life.  We will also blow out any dirt/hair/debris from inside your PC if necessary.

Computer Upgrades and Replacement Parts

We can upgrade or repair a variety of system components.  We include extensive testing with our quotes so that you can be sure that your system will be rock solid after the upgrades and replacements.

Data Transfer and Recovery

If you want to have your data on other computers (bought a new one or just want to share) then we've got you covered.  We perform this service for a low price.  We'll also update the 'ownership' and 'permissions' of the data so that you can be sure your data will be easily read on the destination computer.

Did your hard drive cease to function?  Bring it here!  We can do a Free System Analysis.  Data recovery through PC Answers will save you hundreds of dollars.  If we aren't successful, you don't pay for the recovery effort.  If we are then we'll transfer it to a device of your choice.  We offer flash (thumb) drives, external hard drives, and other products so you're covered even if you don't have anything to put your data on - we've got it here!

Other Services

We can do virtually anything that you can imagine with a computer.  If you want to dual boot with Linus, we've got you covered.  If you want to stream your data to an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, we've got you covered.

If you aren't sure that we can handle it, just ask!  Chances are that we can do it expertly and at an affordable price.


Data Transfer

We can transfer data to your refurbished system.  This includes emails, pictures, documents, and other data.

Generally, we can't move over programs but we can move over your license over from an old system.  This means that if you have a copy of Office on then we can move it to your refurbished system as well.


All new computers come with a one year warranty straight from Dell.  If you buy through us we'll handle any issue you have with the system.  If you need to contact their customer support, let us do it for you.  We're getting pretty good at understanding those overseas accents.

On refurbished systems, we will cover your systems parts for 30 days even if the original manufacture's warranty has expired.

New parts in refurbished systems might have longer warranties.  We'll work with you if there's a problem that we can help you with.

No Bloatware

We don't install any junk you don't need.  We install just the programs you need to get going and place some links for products we recommend in a folder on your desktop.  If you don't want those programs just delete the folder!

Getting Started

We put on the best free antivirus available.  No subscription charges to worry about!

We make sure that you can use your computer to its fullest.  If it can burn DVDs we'll make sure you have software to do so, for example.